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National Journal: Meet the New Bridge Between Democrats and Donald Trump

The National Journal writes,

But the bipartisan talks seem imperiled even in their infancy. Schrader, a member of both the Blue Dog and New Democrat coalitions, said he is known for working with Republicans but many in his district don’t want him to work with Trump. Rebuffing the president is easier given his extremely partisan posture on some issues—for instance, the administration’s move this week banning the Environmental Protection Agency from using the words “climate change,” Schrader said.

“He makes it easy not to work with him, because he’s wrong on so many issues that are important to so many Americans, whether it’s the budget, immigration, health care,” Schrader said. “That shows how little experience and knowledge he has of dealing with real people and particularly people in this legislative body.”

Schrader added that he also thinks the efforts may ultimately be fruitless because Trump does not know policy enough to negotiate: “The emperor really has no clothes. He has no substance.”

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